Awareness: The first step to making a change

In the rush of life, it is easy to forget that what we eat is connected to how we feel.  Today, don’t worry about changing what you eat, simply begin to take note of what you eat and how you feel thereafter.

Are you full of energy?

Are you sluggish?

Are you bloated?

Are you burping?  Feel heartburn or indigestion?

Do you feel light?

What emotions do you experience before you eat?  Are you anxious, irritable and cranky?  Or are you even keeled?

Consider these sensations and how you ideally would like to feel as we make plans for your balanced life.

As we begin our work together, we will create a unique plan for you to know when to eat to maintain your energy levels and mood.  This will keep your time at your own Healthy Family Table full of love and balance.

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