Yogurt condiment

Serves 4

Raita is a healing and cooling condiment to have with many meals, I find it  adds a rich, but not too rich, taste to indian recipes.

This is one of those not-a-recipe recipes. I prefer it as healthy as possible,  so I don’t toss that vitamin rich cucumber water. Many recipes call for squeezing out the grated cucumber — please don’t!

Simply, it’s a well stirred whole milk yogurt.  I love adding grated cucumber for hydration and crunch.  I often add grated radish. A little sprinkling of cilantro or parsley would be welcome.  If your digestive fire is strong, you can add some finely chopped shallots or fresh chile.  ALWAYS, plain yogurt is ENOUGH, as are you.  You are ENOUGH.


  • 2 cups whole milk yogurt, preferably
  • Half a grated organic cucumber, to peel or not to peel is your choice

Mix well in a pretty bowl.  While mixing, say something positive to yourself: how about I love you.