Ginger Healing Elixir

Photo from Everyday Health 🙂

Ginger Healing Elixir

Serves 4

Ginger is my favorite healing weapon.  I love everything about it from the taste to it’s healing properties.  Anytime I’m feeling sluggish or the onset of a cold. I brew a large serving of this magical elixir and it really helps to keep sickness at bay.   

Inhale the energizing aroma, feel grateful for your health and for yourself.  Say, good things are coming my way.


4 inches of ginger, washed and and thanked

4 to 6 cups of water

Ginger can be grated, chopped roughly, or pounded in a mortar and pestle

Add to a pot with the drinking water.  Let boil for 20 minutes, less if you like it less strong.  

Carefully pour into a mug through a strainer.  Add lemon and honey.

Enjoy and think strength building thoughts…I am a HEALTHY, strong person!

Drink throughout the day to heal yourself!