Masala Chai

To an Indian, or at least for me, there is nothing that smells as much as home as fresh masala chai…the fresh ginger mingling with cinnamon has to be one of the smells that makes the happiest. I don’t have this every morning, like my parents, but I do enjoy sharing with friends and family.


Serves 4

2 inches of fresh ginger

2 tablespoons chai powder

4 tablespoons of loose leaf, plain black tea

4 cups water

1 cup whole milk, almond milk, Oatly


Wash and grate or pound the ginger. Into a pot, add the ginger, 4 cups of water, and the tea masala powder. Bring to a boil, to let the ginger flavor the tea. Let it vigorously boil for 1 to 5 minutes, depending on how strongly you like the ginger flavor. Sprinkle loose leaf tea into the liquid and add a gratitude for your day. Immediately add the milk you prefer. Staying with the tea, let it come to 3 boils. Boil. lower heat, as it flattens, raise heat to medium again. Repeat three times. This will happen very quickly. If you like, add a little sugar to taste.

Immediately and CAREFULLY pour masala chai through a strainer into mugs. Share with those you love.


Don’t leave tea to sit in the pot, as the loose leaf tea will cause bitterness.