My Story

Since my early twenties, a passion for health and a positive, high-energy lifestyle have governed my interests and quests for knowledge. It was in motherhood that the importance of vitality became top on my list of priorities. I wanted to be the kind of parent with enough energy to soak up every beautiful moment with my children, but the possibility for that was greatly challenged by ongoing sluggishness. Because of this less than desirable energy, I began a deep research into healthy habits and was led to a gifted Ayurvedic teacher. With many changes that happened over time, some easy and some more effortful to implement, each one added to the well being I, and my family, possess today.

As my children grew, I noticed that many of my successful, highly educated friends were really struggling through mealtimes in tearful battles with their children. Even though their intention was to serve sautéed escarole with garlic, they often ended in hauling out the all too familiar chemical-laden frozen chicken nuggets. My experiences and observations inspired me to develop a personalized food coaching service to help families eat healthier, delicious foods, and find.the tools for all members to enjoy mealtimes together.

Sitting around the table of our West Village home in New York City is one of the best luxuries life has given my family. While I love to cook the Indian food I grew up eating, I’m just as inspired by the latest restaurants where we dine, the fresh kale or tat soi at the farmers’ market, every season’s bounty, and spices from from around the world. I enjoy the practice of mindful eating, and at the same time, celebrating and entertaining our friends, sharing vital foods with them, and teaching others to do the same.

Along with a Masters in Public Health from the University of Texas, I am certified as a holistic health counselor, and also certified to teach yoga and meditation. Through extensive training in the fields of health, wellness and psychology, I have been simplifying the question of food and overall health for people for over ten years. As a mother of two radiantly healthy children in a happy marriage, I, too, have faced and overcome obstacles around nourishing our children and finding ease around food. As a certified health counselor, it is an honor to share this knowledge with my clients on simple ways to increase nutrition and keep the family table a peaceful experience.


I can help if:

  • You are tired, bloated, cranky, anxious, run down, sleep deprived, stressed, sick, or just not feeling like yourself.
  • You’re a frustrated parent who wants to feed your children healthier foods or incorporate super-foods, and you just don’t know where to begin.
  • You are an eager parent who needs to structure the time to cook between sports, activities, and homework.
  • You’re a family cook looking for the best way to satisfy your family’s various tastes. You need a simple plan just for you.
  • You are a busy mother who lacks ideas for eating on the go, seeking doable answers for your personal taste and parameters.
  • You’re a woman who wants to naturally lose weight and avoid crankiness (or binging!) at the end of the day.
  • You are a busy individual seeking a practical plan for daily health.
  • You’re looking for simple solutions to help increase your energy and reach your weight, nutritional, and goals for health.


  • Your daily FOOD is your best medicine.
  • Eat simple, real food, as often as possible.
  • Find fresh whole foods that come from nature.
  • Small changes over time can make a tremendous impact on your health and wellness.
  • Mindfully eating with gratitude is good for your immune system and increases your vitality.
  • A healthy and delicious balance to your diet is favorable over a life of raw kale and chia seeds.
  • I look forward to assisting you in creating a vital life and happy family table.