Golden Mylk

Golden Mylk is a warming tea of simple, flavorful ingredients perfect for connecting, revitalising, energizing, and grounding yourself in the present. 


This.  THIS.  

In my childhood, anytime anything was WRONG, this is what my mother would make me.  But then again, when things were right, she would make this for us as well.  We grimaced.  We were not happy. If anyone had said this concoction would take over the wellness universe — well, I would not be a believer.  Never in a million years, I would exclaim.  I grew up with friends wondering why my house “smelled like that” and all sorts of other mean comments that stay with a young girl trying to find her way.  

Now, as a healer and mother myself, I love it when my MOMMY makes it for me! I make versions of this drink for myself daily.  She heals.  She uplifts.  She energizes.  She protects with a radiant energy, an all-encompassing golden light. Whether your day is just how it should be or more difficult than you had imagined, this is the warm soul hug that you need.  Since there is zero caffeine in this drink, you can have it anytime you want – it makes an ideal break in your day midday or mid-afternoon, as well as a beautifully warming drink to send you off to a good night’s sleep.  I have shared this drink with so many dear friends, new friends, and family members.  Offering this tea is a wonderful invitation to connect and share love.

I know it’s sold as tea bags and sold in bottles in the grocery store,  but making it from scratch will make the flavor profile stronger and more effective. And it’s so easy– not much more than you would 

I love this version warm – I just feel like it heals that much more, that much deeper, and that much better.  But you can drink it cold if you really must. 

Take a pause…know your worth. Stand in your power.  KNOW that you are a special someone.


Mortar and Pestle, if you have one


4 inches fresh Turmeric

4 inches fresh ginger

9 black peppercorns

4 Cups of fresh water

2 Tablespoons fresh local honey

Juice of a half a lemon

Fresh mint


  1. Wash and crush the fresh turmeric and ginger in a mortar and pestle — that pounding is so CATHARTIC, isn’t it?  Or roughly chop in medium to small’ish pieces.  Sprinkle in peppercorns — take one full juicy breath to ground yourself.   Fill with the fresh water. 
  1. In a small pot, let it all come to a rolling boil and then lower to medium heat for 20 minutes.  
  1. Removing the pot off the stove, sprinkle in the mint if using.  
  1. In a mug, add lemon and honey.  Using a strainer, slowly pour in a small amount of the elixir and stir well.  Fill the mug. 
  1. Breathe deeply a few times to let the healing energy flow all the way into and around your body.  
  1. Drink and feel your vibrations RAISING!

HEALTHY HINT: Be especially careful when pouring — turmeric definitely leaves her mark on clothes, fingernails, and counters